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Now a major motion picture form Warner Brothers, starring Kevin Bacon, Diane Lane, Luke Wilson, Frankie Muniz, and Eddie from the TV show Frasier as Skip , and produced by Mark Johnson Rain Man.In 1943 in a sleepy town on the banks of the Yazoo River, a boy fell in love with a puppy with a lively gait and an intellingent way of listening.The two grew up together having the most wonderful adventures.A classic story of a boy, a dog, and small town America, My Dog Skip belongs on the same shelf as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Russell Baker s Growing Up.It will enchant readers of all ages for years to come....

Title : My Dog Skip
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My Dog Skip Reviews

  • Carol Ann
    2019-07-28 02:00

    I am embarrassed to say that before I read "My Dog Skip" and "My Cat Spit Magee", I did not know Willie Morris. This is an absolute crime, that I got to be this old without reading him. But then, I'm not native to Mississippi. I'm trying to rectify this pitiful situation as quickly as possible. To anyone who is a dog lover and a lover of the popular new genre "Creative Non-Fiction", this book is a must-read. Morris paints a word picture as clearly and with as much color as anybody I've ever read, leaving me always eager to turn the page, to read more, and crying at the end. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes me mutter, "Aww[...]", he touches my heart and soul with his words and renews my faith in what seems to be becoming a lost art: true literature ... and with a great story to tell! I knew not just a particular little terrier (or white cat in the case of Spit Magee), I knew a boy and a man, with all his strengths and weaknesses. I am sad he was buried before I ever read him, but Willie Morris lives on, as does Skip, as does Spit Magee, in my heart and in the hearts of generations to come who absolutely SHOULD read him.

  • Anthony B. Ford
    2019-08-15 00:16

    This movie, loosely based on the experiences of the author when he was growing up, is a classic story of love, not only for other people, but for an animal, and of an animal's devotion and unconditional love for its human. I show this to my 4th grade classes every year, and I never fail to feel a lump in my throat at the ending (and a few times during the movie, too). If you love sweet, sentimental tales of growing up, you need this movie.

  • BookAce
    2019-07-28 22:55

    I lived through this book, more than I read it.

  • Joanne
    2019-07-27 06:52

    Being cat owners, and lovers of animals, I came across a book by the same author - "My Cat Spit McGee", and really enjoyed the book. In the book about his cat, he referred to his beloved childhood dog, Skip, subject of "My Dog Skip".

  • Sammy Madison
    2019-07-24 02:05

    Willie Morris was a truly great author! This story of his childhood with his dog was really heartwarming. It is so simple and warm and humorous, you will just love it. Warning: you will cry your eyes out at the end, but it's worth the pain. One of the best animal stories ever, I hope many kids read this in school. If you loved the movie "A Christmas Story" you will love this book. The movie version of "My Dog Skip" is also quite good, though it is kind of upsetting that in order to create drama the wonderful father of the book is kind of nasty in the movie. Willie Morris was a great author who also wrote a cat book entitled "My Cat Spit McGee" and several books about his life that remind me a little of Russel Baker's memoirs. One is entitled "North Toward Home", another "Good Old Boy" and one is about life in New York City.

  • Michael Callahan
    2019-08-17 01:56

    In an era when such a disappointingly mediocre book like Marley and Me can be a success, it's seems a crime that Willy Morris's "My Dog Skip" is not better known. It's an evocative story of a boy coming of age in a small southern town in the mid 20th century. It captures small towns, and boyhood, and the indelible relationship between a boy and his dog, and does it nearly perfectly. I re-read My Dog Skip a few times a year, and if there is a better, more elegiac final chapter of a novel than this, I'd love to read it.

  • Beverly Evans
    2019-08-17 05:00

    I bought this book knowing what was going to happen at the end because I own the movie and the movie and book are both my favorites. this book is about a boy named Willie Morris and his dog Skip. Willie and Skip are best friends and Skip helps Willie come out of his shell and they go through life together for much of Willie life and Skip too. I love this book because I too have a dog and know what it is like to have a dog bring you out of your shell and help you through life. Skip is very funny and Willie is too. I love that it set in the 1940.

  • Chandler F
    2019-07-24 03:53

    I paid more for the hardcover copy and received a paperback. I’m pretty disappointed but it’s not worth returning. Just don’t trust buying a hardcover, I guess. It’s a fantastic book either way