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Title : Fairy Tail Blue Mistral 2
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Fairy Tail Blue Mistral 2 Reviews

  • Vanessa Simon
    2019-09-08 14:41

    Richtig toll! Auch die Fortsetzung ist schnelllebig, lustig und gut durchdacht. Zudem hat mich der Zeichenstil überzeugt ! Wer den ersten Teil mochte, wird hier auch viel Freude haben.

  • Hartmann, Nelli
    2019-08-29 12:58

    Mein Sohn sammelt diese Bücher. Was soll ich dazu sagen, es sind die einzige Bücher, die er liest. Was tut man nicht alles für die Bildung :-)

  • nicole messerig
    2019-09-03 12:39

    Sehr guter manga. Preis ist auch top. Mein sohn hat es verschlungen. Er würde es immer wieder kaufen. Er war sehr zufrieden.

  • MereChristian
    2019-08-28 12:52

    I decided to take a look at the *Fairy Tail* manga series as I have friends that like the anime adaptation and have heard a lot about it. It's both good and bad in the buzz I've heard. Cheesy and bad plot at times, and good plot, tons of characters fleshed out and cheesy awesomeness at others. So I checked it out and I really enjoy it. So here we go.*Fairy Tail* takes place in a world that is a sort of schizo version of ours. It has a folks dressing in fashions from many different eras, trains exist, and other things so far that seem to place this at no specific era, but a purely fun, fantasy world.In this world we have our hero and heroine. Well, our main hero and heroine, as this manga starts with loads of characters, and I hear it just adds more and more from there. Anyways, introduced in the first volume, we have our main hero Natsu and main heroine Lucy.In the first volume they met when Natsu saved Lucy and inducted her into the guild of which he is a member, "Fairy Tail". Obviously, this is the reason of the manga's title. It is cool for Lucy because this is the guild she has dreamed of being accepted into for some time. They had a few adventures which continue on into this second volume, basically two short, but rather simple, story arcs.About midway through this volume is where the first truly serious arc appears to be starting. Erza, the most powerful member of Fairy Tail, whom everyone fears, come asking for help. She is onto a case of a "dark guild" that is out to cause serious trouble, though she doesn't know what that trouble would be yet. A "dark guild" is a guild that refuses to obey the laws by doing numerous evil activities including assassination. Because of this, they are banned and declared illegal.Lucy is eventually roped into this to help mediate on the mission between Natsu and another wizard he fights with a lot, named Gray, both of whom were chosen by Erza for the mission.This manga so far is quite interesting. Some might dislike the fanservice, as the mangaka gives a lot of glimpses of the attractive garb of the characters. but then again, he also does the uber-muscular guys showing off pecs, so it is kinda fair in that department.I hear that some think he goes too far in the future chapters/volumes with this, but we'll see. In general, I like the world-building, the magic systems he comes up with for characters, as well as the characters themselves. Erza, Natsu and Lucy are a hoot. And Happy, the talking-cat is funny in his interactions with Lucy. The author, humorously, admits how tough it is to come up with the magic systems, but he seems to do a good job of it. And this makes the manga a lot of fun and a compelling tale.Highly Recommended.Rating: 5/5 Stars.

  • Kuro
    2019-09-02 16:04

    tl;dr: worth keep readingIncludes 9 chapter (#5 to #13)"Daybreak" / "Invade!! The Everlue Mansion" / "The Wizard's Weakness" / "Lucy vs. Duke Everlue""Dear Kaby" / "The Armored Wizard" / "Natsu on the Train" /"Spell Song" / "Death Laughs Twice"Spoiler Free:49 volumes ago...this was a very good rising manga. Very touching moments of Lucy's backstory. We see the main females characters fighting for the first time.Worth reading? If you like the 1st volume, yes. It is an over the top manga with long spell names like "Roaring Dragon Thunder Flame Heavenly Sword of Life" so if you like that kind of things, and wizards and dragons. Yes, it is good.PARENTS Be warned: Lot's of fan service! ^_~

  • GuyWhoSaysBruh
    2019-08-17 20:04

    A good continuation of the series. Opens (and spends about half of it's pages) on the Everlue Mansion storyline, and spends the rest of it's length on the Eisenwald arc.Contains Chapters 6-13,the origin of character names, and early designs for the Fairy Tail symbol.While I don't particularly love the Everlue storyline, Volume 2 introduces several major characters/characters that would go on to be major. Still an enjoyable Shonen action series.

  • Amber
    2019-08-26 14:04

    Sometimes I forget, when re-reading or re-watching something, exactly why I chose to do it in the first place. I TOTALLY REMEMBER NOW (even though it only half counts because I watched Season 1 of the anime before reading the manga...)!My favorite characters, all together. YES! FINALLY! We finally get to see more of Grey, we meet a super strong member of Fairy Tail, and we get to learn a little more about this particular "wizarding world". All signs point to " take my money*.PS: Why is Lucy so vain? Hahaha 😂

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-08-18 13:56

    Took a long time to get shipped but arrived very quickly. The book is thicker then I thought it would be .. literally as thick as a text book! But their absolutely amazing, I highly suggest if your a big Fairy Tail fan to get this item! I've only watched the anime so I'm excited to read the manga for the first time! The reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because my cover was bent. They should be a little more careful.