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He s there Stalking you Killing for you YOU CAN T HIDE is a nail biting thriller from bestselling author Karen Rose, and part of the Chicago series.Someone is tormenting psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli s patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame But even police pressure won t make her break her oath to protect their secrets Detective Aidan Reagan understands Tess s need to safeguard her clients but all the clues suggest that a nameless, faceless enemy is set on destroying her career, her family and, finally, Tess herself As Reagan and Tess race to stop the killer, one thing becomes clear the noose is tightening around Tess s neck and there is nowhere for her to go...

Title : You Can't Hide (The Chicago Series Book 4)
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Format Type : Paperback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Headline 15 Oktober 2009
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You Can't Hide (The Chicago Series Book 4) Reviews

  • None
    2019-07-27 00:20

    Bisher habe ich mich bei Karen Rose darauf verlassen können, dass sowohl Krimiteil als auch Liebesgeschichte ausgeklügelt und glaubwürdig rüberkommen, so auch diesmal. Ihre bisherigen Bücher habe ich und werde mit Sicherheit auch weitere kaufen.Klienten der Psychaterin Tess Chicotelli werden auf abscheuliche Art und Weise in den Selbstmord getrieben. Sie gerät in Verdacht, weil ihre Fingerabdrücke in den Apartments und ihre Stimme auf den Anrufbeantwortern sind. Ihr Ruf wird systematisch zerstört, Bekannte umgebracht. Der ermittelnde Beamte Aidan Reagan (Bruder von Abe Reagan aus Have you seen her) hält Tess zuerst für eine gefühlskalte, snobbistische Frau, bevor er sie näher kennen und lieben lernt. Tess und ihre Familie und auch Aidan und seine Familie werden gut und lebhaft beschrieben. (Tess'Bruder Vito würde ich gerne in einem eigenen Buch sehen). Die Auflösung ist eine Überraschung und ebenfalls sehr gut gemacht.

  • LoveLetter Magazin
    2019-08-05 23:21

    Bei der Untersuchung eines Selbstmords stößt die Polizei auf Hinweise, dass das Opfer in den Freitod getrieben wurde. Mehrere Indizien belasten die Psychiaterin Tess Ciccotelli. Der ermittelnde Kriminalbeamte Aidan Reagan würde Tess das Verbrechen nur zu gerne zur Last legen, hatte sie doch als Gutachterin vor Gericht einen Kindermörder für schuldunfähig befunden, und so dessen Verurteilung verhindert. Seitdem ist sie bei den meisten Beamten verhasst. Dann merkt Aidan jedoch, dass er die Ärztin völlig falsch eingeschätzt hatte. Sie ist keineswegs eine gefühlskalte, berechnende Frau, stattdessen liegen ihr die Menschen, die sie betreut, sehr am Herzen. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit kommen weitere ihrer Patienten zu Tode. Bald wird klar, weshalb so viel Beweismaterial gegen Tess gefunden wird. Jemand möchte sie schuldig aussehen lassen. Zusammen mit Aidan und dem Morddezernat setzt Tess alles daran, diese Person zu finden.Wahnsinnig schnell wird man von der Geschichte gefangen genommen. Als Leser weiß man von Beginn an, dass jemand versucht, Tess etwas anzuhängen. Die Spannung wird dadurch erzeugt, herauszufinden, wer dieser Unbekannte ist und welche Motive er hat. Aidan wirkt zunächst genauso grantig und unnachgiebig wie zu Beginn von Karen Roses drittem Roman "I'm watching you", entpuppt sich aber rasch als Mann mit harter Schale und weichem Kern. Die Liebesbeziehung zwischen den Protagonisten ist auch in diesem Romantic Suspense der Autorin ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Handlung. Sehr schön ist erneut das Wiedersehen mit bekannten Figuren aus anderen Büchern. Einen Kritikpunkt gibt es allerdings schon: das Ende und die Aufdeckung des Täters wirken nicht gerade überzeugend. (TD)

  • Blackcurl
    2019-07-31 22:22

    I have just finished reading this thrilling book! I can highly recommend it to people who like both, suspense and romance. Once started, it becomes really hard to put the book aside because you actually want to know how the plot goes on. I have already read other books written by Karen Rose and was never disappointed.To the plot: Psychiatrist Dr Tess Ciccotelli gets involved in a homicide: one of her patient commits suicide...or is there more to it? Detective Aiden Reagan and his partner investigate the scene. When the suicide turns out to be a murder, the Doctor gets under suspicion...A turn-pager.

  • Carola
    2019-08-08 06:03

    The story was fascinating as was the romantic part. I definitely couldn't put it down. Every business woman will be fascinated by the strong character of Tess Ciccotelli and will find that she definitely can find many common things between her and Tess... See for yourself ;-)

  • Linda Murphy                                                                          on
    2019-08-08 01:07

    Author Karen Rose, doesn't disappoint in this chilling romantic suspense. From the very first chapter, this thriller will have you gripping the edge of your seat, to the shocking conclusion. It's a must read!..........Throughout her career, psychiatrist Dr. Tess Ciccotelli thought she dealt with just about everything or anything but she couldn't have been more wrong as she slowly approached the horrid scene shocking her to the very core. Hours earlier, she was called by one of her own patients requesting her help because they were about to commit suicide by jumping off a ledge, but instead, she was too late only to be greeted by a very arrogant and angry homicide detective. Still filled with resentment, animosity and hatred, Homicide Detective Aidan Regan couldn't believe that the infamous Dr. Tess Coccotelli had the nerve to show up at his crime scene. Didn't she know she wasn't welcome here? Aidan had no use for psychiatrists, .especially Tess Coccotelli. She once lost a case for him not to mention her testimony,allowing a psychopath to escape from the needle, in which the culprit remained in a psychiatric hospital for the duration. Where was the justice in that? When Tess is requested to appear at the precinct the very next day, it was quite evident that the police were assigning their suspicions and guilt towards her, and she knew without a doubt that someone or most likely the killer was setting her up. Tess also knew that Regan hated her and with a firm determination, she needed desperately to figure it out and who's responsible with such malice. When another one of Tess's patients is found dead, Aidan begins to wonder if Tess was right all along. Was someone actually setting her up just like she said? Just when he thought she was somewhat on the level, another one of Tess's patients turns up murdered, and Tess knew that she was being targeted. Putting all his impressions aside, Aidan is suddenly struck by the pure and simple truth, that Tess isn't what she appears to be. In fact, he now sees her as a caring and compassionate person, causing his heart to melt each time whenever he's around her, nor could he deny his own attraction and urges for wanting her so badly. As Aidan and Tess work even more closely together, they also couldn't deny their passion for each other no longer, and as their infatuation drives them into the next level,attempts are made against Tess's life, forcing Aidan to protect her at all costs. However, as the clues continue to mount up and the body count gradually grows, an evil, cold and calculated killer is planning his next move step-by-step, with all intentions of making Tess his next victim!...great thriller and impossible to put down...thank you

  • Patriot1776
    2019-07-22 03:59

    This was only my second Karen Rose book. The first one I read, You Belong to Me, was much better than this one (although there were also some things that bugged me about that book). This book started out okay, but by the time I reached the 60-65% point, I was getting frustrated and bored.The first problem is that there are too many irrelevant family dramas incorporated into this book that greatly detract from the plot. I have no idea why the author felt the need to add these little dramas to the mix, but the book might have been good had she left them out. They really didn't serve any purpose to advancing the plot, so why bother? Not only were they annoying and distracting, they were just flat out irrelevant. So once these mini dramas started escalating and taking up more space, I started skim reading.The second problem is that the heroine, Tess, just plain got on my nerves. We're supposed to believe that she's spunky and courageous, yet she tends to whine and act needy (I don't find whining attractive in anyone, so this is a major drawback for me). This was an inconsistency with her character, and it wasn't appealing.Similarities between this book and the first Karen Rose book I mentioned that I found odd/unrealistic: both heroines had a circle of close friends of the I'd-do-anything-for-you, touchy-feely variety. Now, I'm not saying that I don't think it's possible for people to have close friends like that. It just struck me as odd that in the two Rose books I've read, both heroines had extremely close friends of that nature. It isn't that common, especially in older (mature) adults. I am not one of those people who requires complete realism in my fiction, either. I read fiction for escapism/entertainment, and I have no problem reading stories about the unrealistic. Throw in vampires, witches, faeries, magical powers, and I'm there. . .but the author has to make the story BELIEVABLE in order for me to be able to get into it. I think that's the element lacking in this book (and the other Rose book mentioned here). I just didn't buy it.For the most part, the story is convoluted and rambling (mostly due, I think, to the inclusion of extraneous family drama that wasn't necessary to the plot). It could have been decent with much better editing of the story, but as it is, it just completely missed the mark for me. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on it.

  • Danielle Taylor
    2019-08-10 05:00

    4.5 Stars! This was one of my favorite's in this series so far. The balance between suspense and romance was perfect IMO. The suspense was intriguing and interesting (although I thought the identity of the villain was easy to spot). Even knowing who the villain was I still thoroughly enjoyed the suspense plot of the book. I loved the relationship build between Tess and Aidan. They went from disliking each other to friends to lovers in a very believable and moving way. There were no TSTL moments and both characters were very well developed and extremely likable. This one kept me engaged until the early hours of the morning. Fantastic romantic suspense!