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Explore the unexplored enter The Wilds of the Forgotten Realms R One hundredyears ago, the Akanamere was ravaged by the Spellplague, drying the lake and leavingbehind a nightmarish landscape of frozen waves, distorted creatures, and a strangebeing whose song drives listeners to carry out what they believe are the singer sorders When a genasi girl is kidnapped by these fanatics, her troubled sister mustbrave the wilds of the Mere That Was to save them both from an gruesome fate.From the Paperback edition....

Title : The Restless Shore: The Wilds
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ISBN : B00357PU3M
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Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Wizards of the Coast 20 Januar 2010
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The Restless Shore: The Wilds Reviews

  • df
    2019-09-16 00:07

    Jak Koke war mir bisher nur von der unglaublich guten Shadowrun Dragonheart Saga bekannt, die meiner Meinung nach wenigstens zu den Top 3 Trilogien der Shadowrun-Welt gehört.Dies war für mich der überwiegende Grund, die bis dahin eher wechselhafte Serie "The Wilds" weiter zu lesen... ohne es bereuen zu müssen. Der Titel liest sich sehr kurzweilig, es gibt einige Charaktere, aber nicht so viele, dass es verworren oder oberflächlich wird. Die Hauptcharaktere sind für ein Einzelbuch recht tief gezeichnet und man erfährt in regelmäßig vorkommenden Flashbacks durchaus eine Menge über deren bisheriges Leben. Auch sind die Protagonisten recht sympathisch dargestellt, was das Lesen angenehm macht.Fazit: Keine große Literatur aber gute, kurzweilige Unterhaltung.

  • Stefan
    2019-10-06 21:28

    The Restless Shore is the second in The Wilds series, an open ended series detailing adventures in some of Faerun's untamed lands ravaged by the Spell Plague. If you check out Mr. Davis's previous work, Bloodwalk, and The Shield of Weeping Ghosts you will see why I call him the King of Spooky. His stories have a deliciously eerie feel to them that keep you glancing over your shoulder and looking under the bed before you go to sleep.The central plot of the book is a small group journeying to Tohrepur, a city in the Splellplague changed Akanul, in search of a kidnapped girl, all the while being pursued by the relentless Choir. Two of the characters suffer from past experiences in this region that still torment them. This keeps the reader plowing through to find out what happened to them and how they will end up. There are nightmareish creatures, deadly battles, and characters that you are not sure can be trusted. All of this combined with a nightmare landscape that seems bent on destroying them.One of the best things about this book was the pervasive feeling of dread the characters experienced. They are hounded by horrible creatures, their past, and the very landscape itself can prove fatal. It adds a certain gravity to the story that made it hard to put down.Hats off to Mr. Davis for another excellent addition to the Forgotten Realms. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good nightmare.

  • Donald M Bennett
    2019-10-07 17:21

    Like most fantasy novels this one is about the perilous journey against all odds of survival. But there are fights in the book the are perdicatable and after a while they just seem like filler until the climax at the end.

  • Fluffy Cheese Puff
    2019-10-09 20:35

    I can normally go through a novel in a day or two. This one took me twice as long. Although the story starts with the promise of being exciting and fun, it quickly devolves into repetition - run, fight, dream, run, fight, dream. I found myself skipping paragraphs and even whole pages without ever losing the story line. I never felt sympathy/empathy for the characters. I could never lose myself in the story, so I never really enjoyed it. A shame really.

  • zoe
    2019-10-05 01:30

    I liked this series of books. They were very interesting and kept me captivated. I couldn't wait to read the next one.

  • Robert "Dimndbangr" Hicks
    2019-09-17 19:09

    The Restless Shore is the second book in the series of stand alone novels called The Wilds. The first book is The Fanged Crown by Jenna Helland and the next ones are The Edge of Chaos by Jak Koke due out in August and Wrath of the Blue Lady by Mel Odom with a release date of December. The Restless Shore is the third realms novel by James P. Davis. The first was Bloodwalk from The Wizards series and the second being The Shield of Weeping Ghosts from The Citadels.The Main plot of The Restless Shore begins with the main protagonist's sister is kidnapped by a group called The Choir. Ghaelya then begins the search for her sister to rescue her. Later she is introduced to Uthalion and his partner Vaasurri by a half-elf, Brindani, who knows Uthalion in a previous and continued subplot. Other subplots involve Uthalion's past, the mystery surrounding The Choir, and a few others. There are mentions of the Aboleths. I have not read the first book in the Abolethic Sovereignty trilogy and am not sure if those sections detailing the Aboleths were from that book, so I was not familiar with them and had to look them up.The delivery of TRS is much better than Mr. Davis' previous novels. I was captivated more by this one and was more interested to see how things played out. However, after 3/4 of the way through, I started losing interest. Everything was becoming repetitive. Travel to city ruins, get into trouble, defeat the monsters, and repeat. By the end there just didn't seem to be much closure with some of the subplots. It was as if a couple subplots were chosen to keep the conflict of certain characters just for the sake of development which there was little of that.The characters were interesting, some more than others. I wish thee was more written about the killoren Vaasurri. I would have liked more of his background as to how he became so wise to the ways of the world with some of the things that were happening to other characters. I did like some of the weakness and faults that Mr. Davis added to a couple of his characters. As for development, aside from Brindani, the others are pretty much the same in the end.The monsters in this book are a lot different from anything that I have read in other realms novels. Mr. Davis was able to keep a haunting horror type theme throughout this one with Lovecraftian type monsters. I really enjoyed that element of the book. The dream sequences were a bit confusing at times and I believe that Mr. Davis wrote them that way to add on an element of Lovecraft type chaos, thus making translations of the dream more difficult upon awakening.Some criticisms:1. Like I said earlier. Some of the subplots just seemed to be there for conflicts sake but with not real resolution. I would have liked to have a more clear cut resolution to some of the subplots.2. Aside from a couple of characters, there was no real character development.3. I understand the chaotic nature of dreams, especially in horror fiction, but a couple of times, they were just too chaotic and I had to re-read sections as I became lost and that took away from the flow of the book.Some positives:1. The flow and pacing was a lot better even with the few spots were the story bogged down a bit. There is definite improvement with Mr. Davis' writing.2. This was not a typical realms novel to me. I liked the element of horror fiction that this one displays without having to add in vampires and such. As a fan of H. P. Lovecraft, I enjoyed the Lovecraftian horror theme.3. The finale was superbly done. It was not an ending that I was expecting and was pleasantly surprised with the way Mr. Davis ended it.Overall, I did enjoy TRS. I wish that I could give is 3.5 stars as it was a little above average, but still I felt that it fell short of a 4 star rating. If someone were looking to get started with reading realms books, I would recommend others to get started on. I would recommend it to those who enjoy horror fantasy. Also, hardcore realms fans will not miss it to add to their collection. With the improvement of Mr. Davis' writing, I will say that I do look forward to reading his next realms novel set in Waterdeep called Circle of Skulls with a tentative release date in June 2010.-Dimndbangr