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An international bestseller with over one million readers.With war threatening to spread from Europe to England, the sleepy village of Crowmarsh Priors settles into a new sort of normal Evacuees from London are billeted in local homes Nightly air raids become grimly mundane The tightening vice of rationing curtails every comfort Men leave to fight and die And five women forge an unlikely bond of friendship that will change their lives forever.Alice Osbourne, the stolid daughter of the late vicar, is reeling from the news that Richard Fairfax broke their engagement to marry Evangeline Fontaine, an American girl from the Deep South Evangelines arrival causes a stir in the villagebut not the chaos that would ensue if they knew her motives for being there Scrappy Elsie Pigeon is among the poor of London who see the evacuations as a chance to escape a life of destitution Another new arrival is Tanni Zayman, a young Jewish girl who fled the horrors of Europe and now waits with her newborn son, certain that the rest of her family is safe and bound to show up any day And then theres Frances Falconleigh, a madcap, fearless debutante whose father is determined to keep her in the countryside and out of the papers.As the war and its relentless hardships intensify around them, the same struggles that threaten to rip apart their lives also bring the five closer together They draw strength from one another to defeat formidable enemieshunger, falling bombs, the looming threat of a Nazi invasion, and a traitor in their midstand find remarkable strength within themselves to help their friends Theirs is a war forged loyalty that will outlast the fiercest battle and endure years and distance.When four of the women return to Crowmarsh Priors for a VE Day celebration fifty years later, television cameras focus on the heartwarming story of these old women as war brides of a bygone age, but miss the newsworthy angle The womens mission is not to commemorate or remembertheyve returned to settle a score and avenge one of their own.Revised edition This edition of War Brides includes editorial revisions....

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War Brides Reviews

  • iluvbooks
    2019-08-17 00:10

    When I started reading this book, I was tempted to put it down again due to its slow beginning and confusing array of characters I had a hard time identifying with.Surprisingly however, the women in the book grew on me, as soon as I had labored my way through the first couple of chapters. The story of these girls' wartime lives is gripping and utterly believable, it made me finish this book in a few sittings.Unfortunately, the ending is quite abrupt and I would have liked to learn more about what happened "in between". For this reason and its rough beginnings: four stars.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-08-10 06:16

    Very interesting and captivating book about young women in England during the Second world war! Giiving insight into the issue of collaborators and resistance, the work of secret services in England and their cooperation with the French Maquis. Also tells us about fascists among the English nobility and their collaboration with Nazi Germany.

  • lion
    2019-08-18 05:58

    The story of five girls intervoven in one story and two time periods. Till the end, the reader doesn't really know, where this story will end at. Justice will prevail, but do we really want this kind of justice???

  • Micha Polo
    2019-07-21 03:48

    Hier wird das Leben im 2. Weltkrieg anhand der Geschichte/n von Frauen geschildert, deren Werdegang und Ausgang absolut spannend sind.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-07-22 01:55

    Unlike "Then We Take Berlin", I found the story rather contrived. At times, the characters and their experiences were engaging and I cared about the outcome. Largely, however, they seemed almost unidimensional.

  • Liz
    2019-08-16 23:47

    Thought the book was OK ...good idea, but lots of holes in the story...things quickly skipped over ...would have been better as a fuller story,more details followed through. Bit lightweight for me.

  • saev
    2019-08-08 23:15

    The story is very original/interesting, but from the beginning you can think who the bad guy is, however till the end you do not get to know everything (that is very good). But as said but others the editing for the kindle version is bad: I found many sentences/words that were underlined/highlighted, and some other things that I can't remember right now, but nothing that makes the book unreadable!

  • isabell
    2019-07-20 06:15

    Als Fan von "Upstairs, Downstairs" und "Downton Abbey" ist man mit diesem Buch sehr gut aufgehoben!Beschrieben werden Frauen verschiedener Gesellschaftsklassen, die eigentlich nicht viel voneinander halten,in Not aber alle zusammen halten. So sollte es eigentlich immer sein....