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By the author of A Wrinkle in Time, the follow up to The Arm of the Starfish has Simon and the O Keefes trying to find a stolen painting and a murderer, all while trapped aboard a ship.Thirteen year old Simon Renier has no idea when he boards the M.S Orion with his cousin Forsyth Phair that their journey to Venezuela will be a dangerous one His original planto return a family heirloom, a portrait of Simon Bolivar, to its rightful placeis sidetracked when cousin Forsyth is found murdered When the portrait is stolen, all passengers and crew are suspects Simon s newfound friends, Poly and Charles O Keefe, and their scientist father help Simon try to find his painting, and his cousin s murderer But will they succeed before they land Or will the murderer and thief escape into the jungles of Venezuela Books by Madeleine L EngleA Wrinkle in Time QuintetA Wrinkle in TimeA Wind in the DoorA Swiftly Tilting PlanetMany WatersAn Acceptable TimeA Wrinkle in Time The Graphic Novel by Madeleine L Engle adapted illustrated by Hope Larson A standalone story set in the world of A Wrinkle in Time.The Austin Family ChroniclesMeet the Austins Volume 1 The Moon by Night Volume 2 The Young Unicorns Volume 3 A Ring of Endless Light Volume 4 A Newbery Honor book Troubling a Star Volume 5 The Polly O Keefe booksThe Arm of the StarfishDragons in the WatersA House Like a LotusAnd Both Were YoungCamillaThe Joys of Love...

Title : Dragons in the Waters (O'Keefe Family)
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Dragons in the Waters (O'Keefe Family) Reviews

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    2019-07-18 00:36

    I "re-met" the O'Keefe's while searching for books for a neice. What a treasure! Expecting to find books aimed for an adolescent (the age I was when last I spent time with the Murray's and O'Keefe's), I was charmed and entranced by the story of Simon, Poly and Charles and their adventure together. The book is well written and thought-out, with exceptional character development. Each has a complete and interesting history that takes the reader right in; a history that's not dependant upon having kept up with the series (which I have not). I felt perfectly familiar with all of the characters based upon what I was reading and not what I'd read 20 years ago.I thoroughly enjoyed the story, setting and treatment of the subject matter, and wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an adventure, be they first-time or long-time readers of Ms. L'Engle's.

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    2019-08-11 04:45

    "Dragons in the Waters" is a good book. It has a mystery buried in it and you can easily start to like the characters. Madeleine has always been a very good writer and I appreciate her gift of comforting a person through her writing. "Dragons in the Waters" is about a young boy, Simon; a mysterious cousin; and an ancestor of Simon's that has a mystifying past. The book tells of Simon's adventures on a ship called the Orion, where he meets the O'Keefe family. At first things seem quite simple, but the plot quickly thickens and pulls you into the story. A good book to be read by young adults or to be read to younger children and many adults may like it, as well. If you like Madeleine's writing and her other books, I doubt you'll be disappointed with this story.

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    2019-08-14 05:49

    This is a wonderful book. The characters are realistic, and the plot is exciting. Although it is sometimes hard to follow, it is a rewarding book to read. I also like the way the plot is twisted. It doesen't end as you would expect it to. This is my first Madeleine L'Engle book, and I now hope to read more of her books. I love her imagination and style of writing. I would recomend this book to readers who enjoy mysteries and suspense books. I fell in love with the characters and really liked the plot. I hope other readers who are interested in buying the book will too.

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    2019-08-01 04:26

    This book showed you how it felt to be betrayed by someone who you felt close to, but it was also about new beginings. Simon's search for "home" finally led him to the villiage of his ancestor. I was deeply touched at his attachment to his aunt; this shows that once he gets used to his new environment he will definatly be comfortable there (as he is at Aunt Leonis'). One of her best novels

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    2019-08-16 01:43

    Not one of L'Engle's best, but a well-writen mystery. Poly andCharles O'Keefe are traveling with their father on a trip to asouthern country when they meet up with Simon Boliver. A friendship is soon developed. It all explodes from there. A murder, a kidnaping, a stolen painting, and everyone on board is suspect if not in danger. If you like mysteries, this one's for you!

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    2019-07-24 05:27

    Although 'Dragons in the Waters' was not one of Madeleine L'Engles best books, I still enjoyed it greatly. The connections between the present Simon and the past Simon are extremely intresting to read about.

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    2019-07-22 03:33

    I loved the adventures of Simon, Polly, Charles, and all of the characters. Suspenseful, and Excellent. Great for all people big and small! Entrancing, and Fun!

  • A. B. L., Mass
    2019-08-07 22:26

    I was pretty disappionted when I realized that their weren't any dragons in this book, but that dissapiontment soon vanished. I found the book to be thick with suspense and description. All the characters were so real, I'm sad to see that Simon doesn't re-enter any other books, and to see how happy Poly was as a child, it was a shock to read The Arm of a Starfish. A wonderful Book.