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Episode 6Time is running outAn ally has all but fallenResources are running lowThe time for attack has comeThe Alliance must strike deep into the heart of the empire.This time, the Aurora will be going home, or going to her grave.Head of the Dragon is a 133,000 word novel, and is the 6th episode in The Frontiers Saga.Episode 7, The Expanse is now available on ....

Title : Ep.#6 - "Head of the Dragon (The Frontiers Saga) (English Edition)
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Format Type : EPub
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Ryk Brown 4 Februar 2013
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Ep.#6 - "Head of the Dragon (The Frontiers Saga) (English Edition) Reviews

  • A.F.H. Tintenkrieger
    2019-04-05 23:53

    Again, we find alot of Deus ex machina situations in the 6th part of the Frontiers Saga.The decisions made are more and more unbelievable, e.g. they have several jump drives now and they dont even send one shuttle back, which would be directive #1 for any military worth his uniform.And again, Ryk Brown comes up with yet more ideas how to exploit his jump drive. Deus ex machina, really. From using an untested prototype to making this prototype work litereally miracles in just a couple weeks.His understanding of space battles is also somewhat limited. Much of these "battles" read like battles between two water-based ships and cannons, showing clearly where he got his ideas. That these ideas cannot be translated fully to space he should have another look at. Especially: torpedos and missiles do not need a "solution" in space. You tag a target, lock it and fire away. Even modern day electronics can manage as much, not to speak of futuristic technology in a time of space faring.3 stars for the enjoyable storyline and well-written story.2 stars withheld for seriously stressing my suspense of disbelief and using too much d.e.m.I also disagree with other readers that this is one book I wasnt able to put aside. Actually, this is one of the book that really took long to read since it was repetitive and sometimes outright boring. Compared with books from Honsinger, Abnett, Drake this simply doesnt 5 star.

  • Amazon Kunde
    2019-04-12 02:35

    Spannend,relativ vielschichtig.Liest sich manchmal wie ein Drehbuch für eine Space- opera und wird streckenweise etwas langatmig dadurch.Insgesamt aber nettes Lesevergnügen.

  • Splash_42
    2019-04-22 02:36

    Der Roman hat alle schwächen der ersten 3 Teile und keine der stärken. Langwieriger Plot. Der Captain ist wenigstens nicht mehr komplett inkompetent. Jede technische oder militärische Situation wird bis ins letzte ausgeleiert, während es keine ordentlichen Dialoge gibt. Wie in den vorhergehenden Romanen übernimmt der Erzähler das Denken und erklärt jede Situation und jede befindlichkeit der Charaktere. Langweilig.

  • starbooksIH
    2019-04-21 04:52

    Fast paced well written. Congrats. It was fascinating how he managed to have us follow three battle scenes simultainously. Can`t stand waiting for the next book.

  • V1Golfer
    2019-04-21 06:45

    Man kann es fast nicht weglegen. Gute Geschichte man sollte alle Bücher der Serie lesen.You have a hard time stopping to read. Good story, should read all books of the series.