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If anyone knows what its like to live with the burden of crippling guilt and self imposed punishment eighteen year old Rebecca Walters does Shes running out of chances to redeem herself for her ever growing list of reckless mistakes.When she meets Joshua Adams under the cover of darkness on a secluded, moonlit beach, life will never be the same again With Rebecca plagued by regret and remorse for a night she cant even remember, and Joshua consumed by grief, could fate just be playing yet another cruel game Both so equally haunted by the tragedies of their past, can they ever really find their way to freedom Or is Rebecca destined to keep running from the memories that never seem to stay in the past One things for certain thoughLife never goes quite the way they expect it to.GONE is a mature Young Adult Novel and is only suitable for readers over the age of 16...

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Gone (The Love and Loss Series) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Jen R
    2019-09-30 20:58

    Gone was a nice read. It was not as engaging as I had hoped, but it was still fun. I enjoyed it.Bex had been acting out for a while now and she doesn't really know how to change her ways. She feels bad, she doesn't like all that she has put her family through, but she can't seem to help it. Something also happened, something really bad that she can't remember, but she still blames herself for. She wears 53 bangles so that she will never forget what happened. So she will never forget what she is doing to those she cares about. She is just counting down the days before she can leave her family and be all alone. It is just better than way. Two weeks to go. Just two weeks in this small, seaside town her family has just moved to before she can free them of herself.Josh has his own demons to face. He has not really moved on from what has happened, moved on from the girl he used to love. He doesn't really know how to say goodbye. He doesn't really know how to get back to where he was. He used to paint all the time, but he hasn't picked up a brush in months. He just can't do it again. He can't let himself be open, can't let himself feel again. He just can't do it. He has grown up in this little seaside town so everyone knows him. Everyone knows what happened and sees him closing off from everyone and everything.When Josh and Bex meet there is just something there. Neither of them can really deny it even if both of them are hesitant to move forward. They like each other, but can they really open up about everything? Can they be there for each other or will they just end up even more broken at the end of the two weeks? Josh always had a rule to never get involved with the summer people, never get involved with someone who is leaving, so he struggles with that with Bex. But he just can't get her out of his mind. The girl made out of the sun. The girl who is inspiring him to start living again. Will it be possible for him to hold onto just a little bit of her warmth?Bex just doesn't think she should be with anyone. After all people say a lot of negative things about her and she believes every word. It is really sad. She listens to what other people spout off and believes that that means it is then true. She has a lot of hurt and pain inside, but she can't let it out in a good way. She loves her sister dearly, maybe a bit too much really, and she just wants to go away so she won't cause her sister any more problems. She doesn't want to be the way that she is, but she can't seem to help it. A lot of the book is Bex trying to be who she wants and battling that other person that she doesn't like. She can't stay, but as the weeks go on she starts thinking that maybe she can. Maybe things can be different. Maybe she can be different. Maybe the boy made out of the moon can help her.This story was a sweet read. Bex and Josh are both so broken, but they both can help put each other back together. Josh helps Bex see that what she thinks is not actually what is true. Her family loves her, they don't want her to separate herself from them. It was a sweet read.This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland

  • Buzy_reading
    2019-10-07 19:50

    The story is written from a high school perspective and will be an appropriate read for a high school girl.Rebecca is going to play the misunderstood girl who is artistic and colorful. Rebecca wants to wear clothes that people wont judge. Rebecca has been labeled a bad girl all from one bad decision she made one night after leaving a party.Two POV's in the story. Josh too claims to be a troubled teen with issues. The story is written in London jargon. Josh is a surfer and an artist. Rebecca is the over protective sister to her thirteen year old sister.The story finally has a good development and lesson to be learned towards the end. It was an arduous journey getting their but all in all teenagers deal with gossip in horrible ways. Anna still has some improvements to make at story telling. The story could have been better had more emotion been brought into it. I still never felt a connection with the characters. I felt like most of their issues were trivial until the big reveal.

  • Marns
    2019-09-17 02:15

    This is a beautiful story about two people who have suffered devastating loss, and think that nothing will ever be ok again.Rebecca Walters is a troubled teen. Her mask is heavy make-up, fish-net tights and clothing that defies the usual fashion conventions of her peers, and bangles. 53 of them representing the 53 sins she carries within her soul.“I am destruction, it’s what I do. I destroy the things I want and the people I love.”Joshua Adams feels that his soul died along with his love and his future six months ago. He has not wanted to be with his friends, and he never wants to paint again. Colour will never return to his life. He keeps his secret, and his blame, close to his chest.“I can’t leave the ghosts that haunt me behind.”Due to recent events in Bex’ life, the consequences of social bullying, and her parents’ desire to protect their daughters in the only way they know how, they have packed the family up and moved across country to Cornwall ... into the house that Josh used to think was his future.The area they are in is a well known place for holiday-makers, people who Josh studiously avoids, and during their first meeting, Bex and Josh clash badly. As they cautiously get to know each other, what Josh thought was dead inside, slowly comes to life, swirling colours and brush strokes, just like the strokes of his fingers along Bex’ skin. In turn, she thinks that perhaps she can become the girl she hasn’t been for years.Gone is intense, sensitive, loving and emotional. It is not a short read. I normally get through books reasonably quickly but not this one. It took me longer than usual to read, and I loved every minute. This is such a beautiful book, and I highly recommend it to people who love New Adult, sweet or intense stories, because I believe this is all of them. While the emphasis isn’t too heavy on the social impact of bullying, it is definitely a consideration, not just on the individual affected, but on how it affects the entire family unit. It leaves me thinking – to what extent would I go as a parent to protect my children from the effects of bullying. I know parents who have moved their lives for their children, would I do the same??You have to read this book – 4.5 stars

  • Book Addictt
    2019-09-23 18:49

    Written for young adults, I found the extreme depths of the emotional roller-coaster just way over the top. (Emerald green eyes are not a normal colour, not in my experience anyway.) A family moves from London to Cornwall. When their troubled teenage daughter appears at the dining room table, no-one meets her eyes. No compassion is shown towards her, but when she meets a guy with blonde dreadlocks they welcome him with open arms, allowing him to spend all the time he wants in her bedroom, even in bed together when her dad opens her door in the morning. He hides behind his newspaper purple in the face, laughing, after catching them red-handed. Very odd mixed messages and moral standards seem to apply in their home, where her parents seem to lack any moral compass. They left London after her dad caught her performing oral sex on his bosses son at a party, and she gained a reputation for being a w---e. They gratefully seem to hand over responsibility for their daughter to a young local artist, who is also struggling to overcome guilt since his girlfriend died. Never ending extremes of ups and downs, uncontrolled erotic behaviour and filthy language are freely used in public by this girl since she believes she is what her reputation said she was. Alcohol is used freely. Dangerous provocative behaviour, and unchecked blatant dressing of the girl who wore no underclothes, and a see-through scarf tied as a blouse on a first date, unchecked by her supposedly worried parents while the whole town follows their re-emergence from a time of deep withdrawl from normal socialising, as a result of trauma on both sides, while their emerging passion for each other is heralded as very beautiful and positive for each other. The degree of emotion exhibited by all concerned seemed way over the top. Maybe young adults will love the extremes but I found it far too liberal and contrived.