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Charlie Davies has never solved a murder before or committed one, although it might have crossed her mind Especially when it comes to James McKenzie.The funniest book Ive ever read It gave me stomach cramps from laughing so much Morgana Best, best selling mystery authorWhen rich boy James is accused of killing his uncle, he bets Charlie twenty grand that she cant find the real culprit, and she simply cant resist The money, that is she has no trouble resisting him, no matter how symmetrical his stupid face is.What James doesnt know isthat Charlie has an advantage shes just begun working at a private investigation company OK, so shes the receptionist, but its a start, right What Charlie doesnt know is, well, a lot But shed better learn fast, or James will win the bet As Charlie investigates, things get and dangerous She needs to find the murderer soon, or it wont just be her money and reputation on the lineShe might lose her head.A hilarious mystery series for fans of Stephanie Plum, Lexi Graves and Addison Holmes Losing Your Head is the first book in The Charlie Davies Mysteries Ifyou enjoy soft boiled mysteries with a snarky heroine, give this series a try Contains some swearing Books in this series 1 Losing Your Head2 Unfinished Sentence3 Graceless4 Higher Learning5 Santas Little Helper6 Undetected7 Caught in the Act8 Raising Hell9 New Year, Screw You10 Strip Joint0 Short Fuse prequel available free from freestuff...

Title : Losing Your Head (The Charlie Davies Mysteries Book 1) (English Edition)
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Losing Your Head (The Charlie Davies Mysteries Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Hoener, Birgit
    2019-03-30 08:03

    The main character was the stereotype of a contemporary, spoilt and whiny teenager, the narration style was rambling and did not seem to lead anywhere - how on earth the author managed to pack a brilliant plot and storyline in there I cannot understand, but fact is, it was a great book to read, with witty dialogues (among the rambling...), fast paced and catching me as the reader until the very end.I want more. Definitely!!

  • J&KN in NC
    2019-04-15 03:03

    Charlies Davies is a kooky high school graduate who can't seem to find a good job. Until she stumbles into a detective agency and gets hired immediately. Then she finds out that even though she is a receptionist/secretary, she must undergo rigorous exercise and eat healthy food each day from the agency's cafeteria. This is totally the opposite of how Charlie normally lives, but she surprisingly goes along with everything.Then when she runs into her old high school nemesis, James, he offers her $20,000 and a house if she can prove him innocent of his rich uncle's murder. Seeing no conflict in letting James think she is a detective in training, she thinks she can solve the case. And James begins to not look as bad as he did in high school. This book is a really fun and easy read, and I recommend it.

  • Ktchaw
    2019-04-11 07:31

    Buried under the layers of dry wit and the ridiculously embarrassing blunders of Charlie Davies, is a pretty damn solid murder mystery. While the book starts off with a larger focus on the characters of Gerongate, there's more than enough substance to keep you going until the meat of Charlies murder investigation truly gets going.Charlie Davies for some reason reminds me of a small(er) town, Australian Veronica Mars (except a bit more uncoordinated). Its an interesting take on the Private Investigator mystery; the character is dropped into a murder investigation pretty much for the sole purpose of winning a bet against her old nemesis from high-school, who also happens to be the lead suspect in the murder. She gets a job at a private security firm as a receptionist almost by accident a couple of days after quitting her job as a supermarket checkout chick in a pretty spectacular fashion and everything kind of rolls from there. None of the plot or characters seem contrived or out of place (which is a refreshing change given the class of character you see in some mystery novels), and I didn't quite guess who the murderer was before the resolution. There are some great, off-beat characters here that you don't normally find in this kind of book (a couple of which are probably deserving of their own standalone novel) and even without the murder investigation to keep the plot moving, I think I could've read a whole book about Charlie and the people in her life.Its the type of novel I breezed through in one sitting and had a great time doing so. Can't wait to see what else is coming from Clare Kauter!

  • Kindle addicted.
    2019-04-18 10:31

    I loved this. Not often I binge read the whole series but I did with this!Charlie has a sassy comeback for every situation and she doesn't care who is in the firing line.I loved the exercise/fitness requirement.Also the 'hate' dialogue between Charlie and James.Definitely suit Addison Holmes and Lexi Graves followers.

  • Diane B.
    2019-03-29 09:04

    If you're a fan of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, you will enjoy this book. Meet the Australian version of Stephanie...Charlie quits her job in a grocery store and finds a new one working as a receptionist in a security company where she works with hot men and tries to solve a murder case involving the hot police officer she was "engaged" to when she was in kindergarten, but has hated since she began her teen years...I can't wait to read more books in this series!

  • Jackie H.
    2019-03-30 07:11

    I got the book for free. Even free I'm fussy, because I'm investing my time! I laughed out loud, read non-stop, and decided to buy the next book in the series because I figured I owed the author for such a good time. I bought book 2 and enjoyed it every bit as much. On to book 3!