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Stalwart as ever, 16 year old Mochizuki Touya heads off to the far eastern land of Eashen with his party in tow For what purpose The Matriarch of the Fairy Clan wishes to delve into some ancient ruins, of course But it s never quite that simple for Touya and his friends, oh no The party is thrust into the midst of a clash between the warlords Takeda Schingen and Tokugawa Ieyahsu, while a nefarious necromancer makes his move in the shadows...

Title : In Another World With My Smartphone: Volume 3 (English Edition)
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Format Type : E-Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : J Novel Club 14 Juni 2017
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In Another World With My Smartphone: Volume 3 (English Edition) Reviews

  • Tobias L.
    2019-04-24 15:20

    If you want to read my opinion you can do this on volume 1.(Link to my first review down below.)Wer meine Meinung lesen möchte kann dies bei Band 1 machen.(Link zu meiner ersten Rezension weiter unten.)

  • Jagfeldown
    2019-04-28 20:23

    While this series does have its flaws, most notably the overpowered nature of Touya, this series continues to be charming. I knew when I started with this series I wasn't expecting anything revolutionary but I'm still surprised by how much I genuinely enjoy this series. I take that back, I love this series. The characters are the main driving force behind this anime and while they do suffer from cliches, I still like them all the same. This novel also finally tackles the issues of the feelings the girls have for Touya as well as making the dense Touya question his own feelings towards them. We also finally get a brief glance into the threat of the Phase that has been shown and hinted at in previous novels. While tension and the strength of Touya is still a problem, it doesn't take anything away from the story for me as I'm reading for the characters not necessarily for the fights, though the way Touya deals with his enemies is pretty entertaining. Overall, this has to be my favorite volume so far and I'm eagerly awaiting the next volume.

  • Perry Kern
    2019-05-06 19:30

    Good series. It still have some of the laughs the earlier books had, but across the series the author has moved from showing to a ton of telling. The later half of the previous book and most of this one has started to feel more like a summary of events rather than an actual story. That coupled with the fact that like most harem stories the characters go from interesting to just another harem girl cutout really isn't helping matters.

  • PenNameJ
    2019-05-23 17:30

    It's funny because I got into these books because I was looking for the official release of the anime on Amazon but instead I found these books at 1st I thought maybe I should start where a continues after the anime or maybe I should just start in the beginning which I did. And I'm glad I did because it was in 1st person and it revealed everything about the main character his thought process everything something that the anime really didn't do as well as the anime kind of glossed over minor things that the book did which to me I thought build the world a lot better than what the show did this volume is the volume where the anime ends but they did a lot more talking about engagement rains meeting up with parents learning a little more about the twins and their family background and more. Now I'm now more excited for whats to come in the funtre instalments.

  • G in Ohio
    2019-05-17 20:38

    Another good series, especially if you like everything to go perfect when you travel to a new world. This is one of those series where the MC is a nice guy, and meets nice people (even kings that are nice), he fights monsters and tries to protect. There is a bit of Harem in here, but again it focuses on everything going perfect for this guy, but a good story and great series all the same. I would recommend this book!

  • Benjamin Allen
    2019-05-14 18:26

    One of the best things about the Smartphone series is how it handles romance. Unlike so many harem-genre series in anime, Smartphone begins tackling the issue early on, with the girls coming to terms with both their feelings and each other. Almost more importantly however, the protagonist's feelings are taken into account too. So many series give us the "unwanted harem" where a main character not only isn't interested in the girls around him, but his feelings are ignored and he's treated with equal parts affection and abuse. But in Smartphone, a more realistic approach is taken wherein the feelings of Touya do matter, and after discussing this as a group, the girls are able to accept that they each have work to do in letting him love them in their own way, and we see that play out through this third novel. Looking forward to more!