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How to survive when the god of war wants to destroy you and everyone you ve ever met Probably hide, really really well.What did I do Become head priest of the most beautiful, irritating, quick thinking, mind reading, mildly sarcastic goddess I could trip over in the woods, then tell the war god to his face that I was gonna wipe up the pantheon with his ugly mug.Now I m seeking divine intervention from gods in neighboring cities, fending off a parade of unwanted guests, and racing to build this temple into a wallsy, towersy, fortressy, bad ass city with defenses for days before the war god s newest recruits can blow this place to kingdom come.Thankfully, I have the girls to help me.They re the first family I ve ever known, and I won t let the war god take them from me as long as I m still alive.Which, I admit, may not be much longerWarning This book has no gimmicky warnings, just non stop save the world action, tons of cool new skills to unlock, and me working my ass off to keep my growing city full of beautiful women satisfied...

Title : Halcyon Rising: Bastion of Hope (Book 2) (English Edition)
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Halcyon Rising: Bastion of Hope (Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Lörsch, Wilhelm; Lörsch,Thomas,
    2019-07-30 06:18

    I didnt read the book(only 30 pages), there currently is no way of knowing that this is actually the second book. Change the titel, I almost dropped it because I couldnt figure out what the hell was going on.

  • Mvargus
    2019-08-11 23:32

    After the first book, this one was very disappointing. The humor seemed to be forced or gone, the tight knit community that seemed to be forming was almost abandoned as a plot device as the main character traveled hither and yon in search of pieces to the great puzzle of how to win against Duul, the great enemy.Honestly, the enemy would be better called Dull. He's not seen in this book, but his motives and methods are as generic as they could be, and that contributed to my lack of engagement with the story.Stone is not a bad writer, but this story desperately needed a focus he did not give it. It's not bad, but I could never recommend it to someone.

  • dpetroc
    2019-07-24 03:15

    Best thing about this book is the cover. This was a poor follow up to an amusing book. Made no sense. Characters get lost in the mix and you really end up not caring about them. The naming convention was cute in the first one, but is really tired in the second one. Just can't recommend even if you liked the first one.

  • Nailtek8
    2019-07-29 01:30

    Why are sequels so hard to do..the first book is a really good start book 2 just.....isn’’s choppy ,the attempts at humor fall flat,the characters don’t progress,all in all very ho-hum blah and vanilla..waste of time and money

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-08-06 07:34

    I read first two books and really enjoyed them. I look forward to seeing where this will lead, will more of the ladies catch Arden’s attention or is he a one fox girl guy? Who is he really? Who were his parents? Many questions to be answered!

  • scott
    2019-07-21 02:27

    If you enjoy books with action and humor, you will enjoy this book. It has great characters and keeps you reading page after page. I could barely put it down, I can’t wait to read the next one.